Jilly's Dream is  a song about Jilly Coppercorn and Artist who lives in the Town of Newford, a city that resides in the books of urban fantasy by Charles de Lint. 
Jilly is a person who knows and befriends anyone in the city, whether rich or poor.
She has witnessed the other side (the Middle Kingdom as it were) of  our existence and unlike most of us knows it is there and can see it.

The lyrics are based on the book "Dreams Under foot

Jilly's Dream is performed by Robert Carpenter on Keyboards and Guitar
And Tina Van Valey on vocals
Music by Robert Carpenter
and Tina Van Valey
Lyrics by Robert Carpenter and Charles de Lint


A blur of motion on the edge of vision
A voice whispers secrets from Deep within my thoughts, but no one is there when I turn around.
Skookin stand still under a streetlight, dreams of the night.
Gemmin bring wonder to dismal city streets
Jilly, what do you dream about?
* "You just have to pay attention.  If you don't you'll miss them, or see something else something you expected to see rather than what was really there.
Fairy voices become just the wind."

In the deep corners of the city, bag ladies shuffle by, invisible to your eye, the Conjure man tells timeless stories none have the time to hear. 
A glow in her eyes, is there magic in her hands?  Touching anyone, rich or poor, giving spirit and enchantment to dreary streets 
What magic do you give to us?

* "Listen, you can almost feel the whisper of a story...a last echo."
"For me art is an act of magic.  I pass on the spirits that I see-of people, of places, mysteries."
"You’ve got to do it, you've got to plant a new tree." 


Jilly is your pain healed by your curse, to know anything can happen, anything can be true?

Can you tell me of the myths that walk alive in the world, unseen.

* These Lyrics are from
the book "DREAMS
by Charles de Lint


There are a couple of Characters in the song that you probably are wondering about if you haven't read the book: 
"Dreams Underfoot"
Skookin: Appear in the story, "THE STONE DRUM"
They are Halloween Creatures, with a pumpkin for a head and body and arms and legs as thin as sticks.  They dwell under the streets of Newford.

Gemmin: are spirits from the Middle Kingdom that appear as street kids and embody what good spirit and magic is left on the city streets

 Jilly's Dream
copyright 1999
Meadow Mars Publishing